Community Ministry

Our church is committed to helping the most vulnerable in our Community.  We aim to provide Godly counsel and reliable support for all their spiritual and physical needs.  Our community Outreach aims to guide the most vulnerable in their journey with Jesus.  As always your continued support and prayers are much needed.  We are partners together taking care of all of our Community,  most of all keep us in your prayers as we continue the work our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has led us to do.

Communion Prayer

Jesus it is my desire is to live for You.   I ask You to, examine my heart, show me anything unpleasing to You.  Reveal any secret pride, unconfessed sin, rebellion or unforgiveness that is hindering my relationship with You.

I know I am Your child; I have received You into my life and accepted Your death as penalty for my sinfulness.

I take this bread representing Your body that was broken for me and receive it in remembrance of You.

I take this wine representing Your blood that was shed for me, on the cross.

Because Your body broken for me and Your blood shed for me, I can be free from the power and penalty of sin.