Our Mission

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Connecting With God. Connecting With Our Community. Coming Together in the Lord.

We are a community church raised in the love of the Lord, and we are here to reach all of our community members. God has called upon us to help our brothers and sisters. We have heard the call. God’s light shines bright on us as a community, and we are warmed in His love. We offer our lives daily to God in worship. We invite all people to have a relationship with Jesus.

All Are Welcome

God has built you a kingdom. Do you have the keys to open the door? We have praise and worship services every Sunday. Learn more about our ministries
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Statement of Faith

It is our mission to serve God through outreach ministry. We are a house of worship, fellowship, and love. We are a place for all to gather. Jesus leads us to be a family that extends His grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness to all.